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We see that many of you need a block for advertisement or display modules in your site. Now it's very easy for you to do that with new feature updated in version 1.0.7.

We have created new module position (corner-stamp), the module position is located on the top right.

Note: This is new feature in version: 1.0.7 so if you want to use this feature, you have to upgrade to version 1.0.7.

Steps of how to use this feature.

  1. Step 1: Create module (for advertisement, you should use custom module then add advertisement content)
  2. Step 2: Assign the module to position: corner-stamp (and please keep in mind to assign the menu that the module are enabled)
  3. Step 3: Configure width size of the module position


Create module and assign to position: corner-stamp

Let's check front-end

Configure the module position

The width size of the module position can be configured based on grid-base (single grid, double grid or triple grid). You can select grid-base that best fit for the content displayed in the module position.

To configure width size of the module position, from back-end of your site, please go to: Extensions --> Template Manager --> JA Wall templateIn the Advanced Options, find the field name: Corner Stamp Ex Class. This field is to configure size of the module position. Leave it blank if you want the module position to use default setting (single grid width size), or double grid, or grid triple.

Let's check front-end

Note: This feature has just updated in version 1.0.7. If you want to use this feature, you have to upgrade your template to version 1.0.7.

Viernes, 13 Abril 2012 04:35

JA Wall Insight #6: Module Configuration

I. Joomla Modules

1. Main menu

Firstly, you must create Top menu items then you create Menu module to show as demo

Lunes, 28 Mayo 2012 04:30

JA Wall Userguide

1. Important Notes:

  1. JA Wall does not use T3 framework and is a responsive template.
  2. JA Wall does not support IE6, IE7 and RTL language
  3. New plugins as JA Pager, JA LazyLoad and JA Social Feed plugin are again specific for JA Wall.
  4. Use of these with other templates is user discretion but no customization support will be provided for such usage, as these are not tested to work with other templates.
  5. Responsive templates demand all extensions to be responsive too, otherwise the layout shall break, if your extension does not support responsive, there would be little we would be able to do. So please choose wisely.
Domingo, 27 Mayo 2012 04:09

JA Wall Insight #2: System Requirement

I. System Requirement.

  • memory_limit=64M
  • max_execution_time = 300
  • php version 5.2.17 or higher

JA Wall template uses FeedGator component to import RSS Feed, store as Joomla/K2 content then display it in front-end.

Martes, 10 Abril 2012 00:00

JA Wall Insight #9: Module Position

JA Wall is responsive template then in each layout, the module position changes. Some module positions can be displayed in one layout but is not displayed in an other layout.

I. JA Extensions Configuration

1. JA Social Feed Plugin

This plugin is to get content from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Content will be stored as joomla articles or k2 articles.The configuration detail of this plugin is in the JA Wall Insight #2: Social Feed integrates content automatically from Facebook - Twitter - Youtube

Apple is always the company that springs to mind when people think of outstanding consumer-product design. And while you may be tired of everyone throwing themselves at the altar of Steve Jobs, Apple consistently churns out innovative products that are defined by their beauty, intuitiveness, and usefulness--qualities that have forever influenced the way we think about and assess consumer goods.

Editor’s Note

This piece is part of a series explaining each category in Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Awards .

So whether you’re buying a coffeemaker, laptop bag, or thermostat, you probably look first and foremost for a design that...

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Philosopher Thomas Nagel once famously asked, "What is it like to be a bat?" His point was to illustrate the ineffable, inaccessible alienness of other beings’ experience. I couldn’t help but think of it while watching filmmaker/designer/researcher Timo Arnall 's intriguing video sketch "Robot Readable World." What is it like to be a box of processors attached to a camera? Something like this, maybe:

Arnall is a creative director at Berg , so it’s not surprising that he’s interested in exploring semi-philosophical questions about human-machine interfaces, artificial intelligence, and networked perception. Nor is it surprising that he chose to do...

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